Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

N6: b9-M / b13-L

-rebased on top of latest google source for marshmallow
-back to cfs cpu scheduler
-cfs is now tweakable for performance, or battery life in kernel adiutor (performance default)
-cleaned source a little
-compiled with latest sabermod 5.2 toolchain

Explanation of the different builds:

hC-b9-M: Selinux enforcing, marshmallow wi-fi driver
hC-b9-M-old_wi-fi: Selinux enforcing, lollipop wi-fi driver
hC-b9-M-permissive: Selinux permissive, marshmallow wi-fi driver
hC-b9-M-permissive-old_wi-fi: Selinux permissive, lollipop wi-fi driver
hC-b13-L: Selinux enforcing, lollipop wi-fi driver, last lollipop build

Selinux mode:

I compiled two different selinux modes. Some custom roms out there don't use the patched sepolicy from chainfire, this means these roms need a permissive kernel for root. If you try to boot an enforcing kernel on this roms, you'll end in a boot loop. Don't ask me what you need, since I can't track all roms and I don't know which one of them boot with an enforcing selinux mode. If you'd like to make sure the enforcing kernel boots, you need to flash chainfires modified boot.img from here: boot.img

Wi-fi driver:

Its known some networks don't like the new marshmallow wi-fi driver. People reporting disconnects, not able to connect at all, or an instable connection in general. If you suffer from this, switch from the marshmallow driver to the lollipop one.




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