Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

N6: b11-t1-M

-Revert "msm: mdss: accquire pipe before overlay start in pan display" - to fix the freeze by charging on power off.
-compiled with self built UBERTC-5.2 optimized for cortex-a15 - You can find the toolchain here, if you'd like to compile my kernel, or just use it for your own:

Explanation of the different builds:

hC-b11-t1-M: Selinux enforcing, marshmallow wi-fi driver
hC-b11-t1-M-old_wi-fi: Selinux enforcing, lollipop wi-fi driver
hC-b11-t1-M-permissive: Selinux permissive, marshmallow wi-fi driver
hC-b11-t1-M-permissive-old_wi-fi: Selinux permissive, lollipop wi-fi driver

Selinux mode:

I compiled two different selinux modes. Some custom roms out there don't use the patched sepolicy from chainfire, this means these roms need a permissive kernel for root. If you try to boot an enforcing kernel on this roms, you'll end in a boot loop. Don't ask me what you need, since I can't track all roms and I don't know which one of them boot with an enforcing selinux mode. If you'd like to make sure the enforcing kernel boots, you need to flash chainfires modified boot.img from here first and flash my kernel after it: boot.img

Wi-fi driver:

Its known some networks don't like the new marshmallow wi-fi driver. People reporting disconnects, not able to connect at all, or an instable connection in general. If you suffer from this, switch from the marshmallow driver to the lollipop one.


If you encounter an issue, please provide more information than just "phone reboots" or something like that. If your phone crashes, you can find crash logs in: /sys/fs/pstore - Just upload them and link me to them. Thank you!




Have fun!


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