Montag, 8. Juni 2015

Nexus 6: b6

I've added some more mainline and upstream fixes for several subsystems. I'm very happy with the performance, idle drain and screen on drain on this kernel version. I got some reports about bad battery life, but I think it depends on the configuration and usage. I never stated I make a kernel for everybody. If it suits your need I'm more than happy, if it doesn't run nice, or causes battery drain you may need to look for a kernel that suits you better :)

Short explanation about the two kernel:

hC-b6 is shipped with mako_hotplug from franco and runs quadcore mode per default. You can change that behavior, if you higher the "load threshold" from "0" to "80" for example.

hC-b6-ZEN is shipped with zen-decision from bbedward. Its runs quadcore mode per default and doesn't give you the ability to change that behavior.

-compiled with UBERTC 5.1.1
-bcmdhd: wifi: updates from google bcmdhd repo
-suspend/power/wakeup commits from google common 3.10 repo
-various sched, cgroup, mm, und workqueue patches from upstream / Linux 4.0
-writeback fixes von Linux Mainline
-power efficient workqueues - Some non performance oriented tasks will choose an active core  instead waking up and idle core.
-slub/slab allocators synced with Linux 3.18
-merged lollipop 5.1.1 kernel sourcen
-some anykernel specific changes, simplyfied and fixed a thermal issue.



Have fun! (=


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