Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

Welcome the Google Pixel XL to the hells-Core family!

I currently don't have another upload hoster than dropbox. My developer request on androidfilehost is pending and as soon as it gets grantet, I'll upload the kernel there.

TWRP is still in the alpha stage and flashing in general can still be a tricky thing. If you just flash the kernel in TWRP, you'll lose TWRP and Root after bootup. Flash TWRP right after the kernel, reboot recovery, flash SuperSU again and you'll be fine. Don't expect support if you can't follow this simple instructions. You have been warned!

-based on latest preview 7.1.2 source (works on 7.1.1)
-merged EAS branch (schedutil governor)
-lots of fixes under the hood
-compiled with ubertc 4.9, or ubertc 6.x (called gcc6)

Its up to you, if you use the 4.9 or the 6.x one. Compiling with 6.x gives a lot of warnings I suppressed during the compilation. A warning doesn't mean it won't work, but our kernel is not supposed to be compiled with this toolchain.


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